Not Just for Women

Men are an important part to ending violence against women. Men should care about V-Day for many reasons:

• Men Rape: In most sexually violent crimes men are the perpetrators.

• Men are Raped: 10-20% of all males are sexually assaulted and society attaches a stigma to this.

• Rape Confines Men: 80% of those who are raped know the man who attacked him/her this makes it impossible to distinguish men who are safe from men who are dangerous.

• Men Know Survivors: At some point in every man’s life someone close to him will likely disclose that he/she is a survivor of sexual violence and ask for help.

• Men Can Stop Rape: All Men can play a vital role in preventing rape by challenging rape supporting attitudes and behaviors and raising awareness about the damaging impact of sexual violence.

(Brown University Advice for Men)

How Men Can Help

1. Define Your own Manhood: Challenge the “tough” male stereotype.

2. Talk it Over: Better communication with the other person will make relationships safer and healthier for all involved.

3. Understand the ability to Consent: Be aware of the factors that can impair judgment.

4. Get a Woman’s Perspective: Listen and learn from women about the impact of rape and how to stop it.

5. Ask Guys: Learn about the ways sexual violence effects men.

6. Be Aware of Pop Culture: Don’t let images in popular culture dictate your behavior.

7. Choose Words Carefully: Choose to use language that respects women.

8. Speak Out: Speak out against degrading actions towards women.

9. Get Involved: Join groups working to prevent violence against women.

10. Show Your Strength: Make a pledge to use your strength for respect not harm.